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Why Purpose? Why now?
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Podcasting with the People who Live their Purpose

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Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases - though not often. (Paracelsus) 

Mull it over - then proceed to rule your life.

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Music: Kevin McLeod

Episode 1_ Walking away from a job
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Can you walk away from a well-paid job if it doesn't fit your life purpose? Tim White of Teva Pharmaceuticals and independent consultant Elaine Favero discuss when and why it's time to move on.   

Episode 2_ Is travelling a life purpose_
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Is travelling a luxury or a life purpose? Laura Lichter of Deskless and Tom Thomison of Encode argue that it is essential for them to be on the road.

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Should school prepare us for the job market or for life? Educational entrepreneurs Wing Yan Man, founder of 3310 and Ngunan Adamu, founder of Iwoman, share their vision of education and their humorous take on life.  

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Profit or purpose? Or both? Genia Mineeva, founder of Been, a sustainable fashion brand, tells how to achieve the best of both worlds.

Can you afford to live your purpose?
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What if ... you don't have enough money to live your life purpose? Businessmen Raema de Lange and Phil Shankland [click also here] assure us that it always works out. 

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Inspirational speaker and adversity expert Jessica Janniere gives a masterclass in how to turn your life around and live your purpose. It's harder than you think - but not impossible. 

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"If everyone lives their purpose, who will sweep the streets?" Anti-litter activist Daniella Levine gives us an anarcho-communist perspective.

Transforming Oil and Gas
00:00 / 23:02

Can we transform oil and gas industry or should we just stop drilling for oil and gas? Tine's purpose is transformation, while environmental activist Daze Aghaji of Extinction Rebellion wants to stop the industry.  

Purpose Final
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In the final episode of the series, Jim Dethmer of the Conscious Leadership Group tells us how individuals and organisations are learning to live their purpose. 

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Dina Newman, journalist, trainer and podcaster. Brought up in a country which doesn’t exist anymore, embracing the fast-changing world.
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Tine Bieber, a purpose-led millennial with a
German work ethic.
Communications expert who
breaks down boundaries. 
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LaTia Reed, USA.

While working a nine-to-five in corporate America I had a brush with death. After hearing the words "you would probably not live to see the end of the week," I promised my higher source that if I would be granted the grace to pull through this deadly virus, I'd live more purposefully and help others in doing the same.Transition to a purposeful life was tough, with my relationships and my finances falling apart. I am now a Life Purpose Coach/Consultant assisting women in living with authenticity, abundance and purpose. Get in touch here.

Azim Nobeebaccus, UK.

My journey took me through a path of instability. Drugs, crime, addictions & prison were no strangers growing up; for most of my life I was quite simply living in fear. Suicide was a strong possibility. Around the age of 21 I 'woke up' and began a journey of overcoming and self relization. I vowed to operate from a place of love rather than hate. Healing myself and others is my true purpose. I help others rediscover their true essence and assist in rekindling that flame within. I currently work as a holistic therapist specializing in Reiki, Shiatsu, Meditation & Conscious Breathing. I run a weekly meditation group online. contact

Stacy Laine, USA. 

I was in corporate middle management overseeing nearly 100 people and earning over 6 figures. I was focused on everyone’s needs instead of my own. To hide my misery I would buy too much stuff and binge eat which resulted in me reaching size 26. Over a year ago, I quit my job and sold nearly everything I owned, cleared all my debt and left my hometown. I now frequently travel, focus on my health and my own needs including running daily, work part time as a mindset coach and as a historic house curator.

Elizabeth Mayorga, Canada

I pursued my dream career as a Mexican diplomat for 13 years. However, when my priorities began to change, my job didn't. Inside me, I felt my soul was dying, and I wasn't sure what was wrong with me. I embarked on a search and started to keep a journal. After a while, I realised that often I was writing about wanting to resign. My husband took my decision well, although my family and friends were shocked. While doing a course about life purpose, I realised that I wanted to create a career change that involved my longstanding passions for empowering women and creating community. For many years I organised women empowerment conferences for Spanish speakers in Vancouver. I am now a certified life coach and building my own business. It has definitely been a leap of faith! Currently I help women to develop good habits and drop the habits that don´t serve them. contact me on

Lisa Kelly, Canada.

I had it all or so I thought. A well paid career with benefits and a great pension. What more could a woman ask for? But this all there is to life? There has to be more. These were the questions swirling around my head day after day until I couldn't take it anymore. I knew I had to live my life purpose and be authentically me. Leaving a 20 year career wasn't easy, but definitely a must if I was to live a purpose driven life. Want to know more? Click here 



Aggy Osoro, Kenya. 

I had a traumatic childhood which I suppressed for many years until it all blew up when I was a teenager. Raised as a Christian, I felt God had abandoned me.I decided I didn't want to live anymore but in the process I suddenly realized I had had survived so much and that meant my life must have a purpose.Years later, I landed a well paid job in Dubai, but after six years I felt something was missing. I remembered I had a purpose and I knew it wasn't my then job. I quit and came back to Kenya to try out other things. In the process I met a coach who helped me connect the dots.
My life purpose is to help others develop their self-confidence and discover their purpose so they can live a fulfilling,impactful life. Get in touch on 

Jessica Janniere, USA.

I grew up in an extremely unstable and violent family in an impoverished community in the USA. I survived sexual assault, rape, beatings, bullying, drug abuse and three suicide attempts before the age of 19. When my younger sister was murdered due to gang violence, I realized there must be a purpose to my life, if I am still alive. I removed myself from the toxic environment and slowly began to heal. There were key elements that helped me create a life that is purposeful and fulfilling- faith, support, forgiveness, and a commitment to my own growth. Today I am an Adversity expert, best-selling author, and the founder of an award-winning personal development organization, Look Up and Beyond. To learn more visit